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RBD State Node :-

Handy for animating glue strength ie you could have a glue strength of -1 then at frame $FF > 25 , the glue strength could switch off.

Thinner Fluids :-

Thinner fluids , more viscus At the DOP network level, increase the scale time factor to 1.5, 2

Simple keyframe active

Notes :-  

shows a simple way of making an object active in a dop simulation. the ball drops hits the tray > the tray activates as a RBD object

scene file :- rse_dop_simplekeyframedActive.hip

otl file :- none

Animation keyed to active RBD

Notes :-  

Teapot has procedural animation on > uses a obj position dop & active value dop with a rbd key active dop. To become active in the simulation and then knock down the boxes.

scene file :- rse_dop_animto active_rbd.hip

otl file :- none

Read Attributes in Dops

Notes :-  

This only works using by have point data driving whats happening to the geometry . In the active dop I use point("/obj/box/OUT_active",$OBJ,"trigger",0) . The boxes are attached via a copy sop so there is point data. This scene randomly triggers each box to be turned into the dopnetwork

Refer to the VOPs page and Random Boolean Countdown

scene file :- rse_vopsop_activeCountdown03.hip

otl file :- none