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Enders Game @ Digital Domain

Voumetric God rays only

Ice battle sequence

Enders Game @ Digital Domain

Flocking Alien Ships

Final battle sequence

Panda @ Topix

Fur System / Shader / Lighting

Smurfs @ Framestore NY

Particle Effects

Invictus @ Method Vancouver

Lighting TD , CG environment  

Terminator 4 @ RSP Sydney

Lighting TD , CG Osprey

Data into DOPs. Tagging objects so in dops you can control how multiple items are released into the sim. refer to the dops section and vops for examples of the vop sop designed to do a random release and the DOPs page for a example scene file.

Fracturing Dops :-  Floor fracturing driven by a path and controlled by an active attribute driving when the pieces will let loose in Dops. A point cloud is used to look up a fall off on the density of the cracked pieces