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A brief list of tools I have put together for improved workflow. They are also available in the rest of the site.

Read Volume Functions v002

Use this tool to read in the data from some predefined volume functions from your volume primitive. It will currently read in





The tool can be used to read in more if you wish. Plus it will also if set give you the volume stepsize

File HDA asset:-rse_sop_read_volumedata_v002.otl

File Houdini Example Scene:-sop_tool_readvolumedataExample.hip

Occlusion VOP with a Cone Angle

Notes :-  

Occlusion VOP. The difference is this one use a cone angle and therefore can also be used for reflection occlusion.

scene file :- rse_shader_0ccRflVop.hip

scene file :- rse_rflOccVop_v001.otl

Auto Read Data v002

Notes :-  

Write and auto read the new data automatically and switch between the cache or live files

scene file :- rse_datatest_v002.hip

scene file :- rse_readwritecache_v002.otl

Tracking hooks V001

Notes :-  

Refer to here  h12 Smoke page. Extract transform data up to the object level.

scene file :- rse_h12_resizefluidbox_using_rse_hooks.hip

scene file :- rse_h12_hooks_v001.otl


ShellTo  From the app store. This awesome application will create a shell for you at your current finder location

Coder runner . Free applications are always nice but for $10 this application kicks ass for 3d > python work. again from the app store